MY * * * * * BOOK :))

it's a next series from this article >>>

Lemme to share a story about this ***** book :’)))

I’ve planned about making a ‘junk book’ for so long and it just never happened K

Someday ago, I opened up my Yoris Sebastian’s book (creative junkies) and read Evita Nuh’s blog. And it’s become a reason why inspirations and spirit jumped to highest level
I decided to make out a-craft-art-book for welcoming 2013 and I promised to MAKE IT REAAAAAL!!!
No time limit to start a good thing, right? Yeaa, It’s never too late

I thought it’s such a great idea (and media) to express myself. 
I can keep my toughts for a long time
I can write down my ideas, my dreams… what do I love, what I think about myself, how I see the world around me, what special stuffs in my life aaand 
I can sketch a future me!! 


Next day ..
I went to gramedia expo, i found some journals and notes, but there’s no simple, cute, and sparkling one huhuhu poor me 
I kept walking, walking, and walking around gramedia, tried to find the right book.

Ahaaa suddenly, i felt so excited and my eyes turned into blink-blink when I met an A5 sketch book on drawing-painting-tools-etalage
Yuhuuu, finally! I found what I need. :DDD
I love this sketch book. I could add or remove a page easily and I can make your own journal cover for free!
That’s different from binder book.

Finally, homeeeeyyy :)))

Let’s start to smash this book!
First, I made the cover of my ***** book.
I wanna make a simple cover and it could express my personality
I started to draw an 'acakadut' doodle :s
I made a medium circle shape then I put a cute hijab girl in it, next I wrote ‘berlian’ and decorated it around

I tried to figure out my world with a pop-up picture. Look at this, hihi. It’s look like an elementary school student’s karya. so cute >.< huh? hahaha
(ini belom ya, kelupaan jepret. coming soon, be patient) 

I think it’s a good idea to turn this book became one of my spirit-booster. Then I printed some magic quotes from magic website. And put them one by one J

Those pages were made for my ideas, my thoughts, my interests, my sketches, my plans, and everything



I'll rewrite my thoughts, my resolution, my idea, etc. from that little book as soon as possible

Next, I wrote down my 2013 resolution :”””)  I wish I could read and evaluate it eventually

'***** book' = five stars book :)))


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    1. halooo :)
      salam kenal juga, sering-sering mampir yaa
      SALAM BE!!
      barusan aku follow ya blognya

  2. salam kenal yah :)
    sama-sama penyuka desain dan photofraph

    1. wuaahh, TOSS DULUUU!!!
      salam kenal juga, sering-sering mampir ya
      barusan aku follow blognya
      SALAM BE!!

  3. Dream Book, I have too. It is just a little think but it can give me big strenght :)

    Salam BE!

    1. weeittss,
      maybe i could see your dream book someday :) hihi
      SALAM BE!!!
      aku follow blognya

  4. keren,,,,,,salam dari saya

    Salam BE

  5. ih bukunya keren, menginspirasi saya buat bikin buku kayak gitu juga :3

    1. hihi makasiih :)
      ayo buruan bikin juga, ga rugi. ntar share share ya

  6. Salam BE!
    i really love your site! :)
    bukunya keren banget, boleh ikutan bikin ga? hehe :3

    1. aaaw, thanks a lot :)
      haha boleh bangeeet, aku malah seneng kalo ada yang terinspirasi gini. ditunggu yaaa!

  7. Wah ... bukunya mau dong ... hehe ... :D



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